What do the numbers on the log screen mean?


This is the number of calories you can eat each day, based on your weight-loss plan and how many calories are leftover in your daily budget. Each time you log a food or drink, it deducts the number of calories from your budget.


This is the total number of calories you’ve consumed for the day, which is taken from the meal logs (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack).


This is the total number of calories used in your daily activity. It’s logged automatically, but only if you have synced the app with Apple Health or Google Fit, and allowed the data to be transferred. Otherwise, it will always be zero. The calories burned are added to your calorie budget (“Left”). The more calories you burn, the more you are allowed to eat. It’s done for the sake of maintaining a healthy calorie deficit which is already calculated and included in your calorie budget so that you follow a healthy weight management journey.

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